XLR8 Home loans Australian F1 Superboat Series


There’s nothing like red hot racing to warm up a cold weather city and Geelong was hit with ice cold wind and the heat from the XLR8 Home loans Australian F1 Superboat Series in the second part of the day.
Thankfully, the somewhat scary forecast of rain and hail failed to materialize with even the wind dropping to barely a zephyr.

In front of a sizeable and welcoming crowd of in access of 10,000 people, eager to see racing in Geelong for the first time under the F1 Superboat Series auspices, race 1 for the F1 Superboats consisted of a strong field including Shane Vella (Shane Vella Racing) that showed the pace setting pole position in qualifying with a time of 26.23 followed by Rhys Coles (Byron Bay Premium Ale) 26.50, Damien McKenzie (McKenzie Construction) qualified in third spot 27.19 closely followed by Jon Tsaccounis (XLR8 Home Loans #12) 27.19, Anthony McEnnally (Watersports Marine) in 5th spot, Dean Trickey (Watersports Marine) 30.26, Craig Truslove (XLR8 Home Loans #11) failing to qualify due to power steering issues but showed good speed. Failing also to qualify was Gavin Bricker (Bricker Racing) that seem to have his boat dialed in but was forced to retire after hitting an object in the water and damaging his front sponson. Problems also for Todd Boer (Jet Worx Marine) that was experiencing a mechanical vibration and did not qualify. When the flag dropped it was Shane Vella and Rhys Coles that had the jump and would dice it out for several laps with Shane Vella ended up victorious, Rhys Coles in 2nd spot, Damien Mckenzie holding 3rd place and a consistent drive, Craig Truslove put on a charge from the back of the field only to run out of fitness still suffering with steering issues and finished in 4th Anthony McEnnally 5th , Place Dean Tricky consistent in 6th Jon Tsaccounis 7th and Todd Boer in 8th.




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