Full Day Ahead


Today will be a very full day for Adrian Flanagan as he ends a unique voyage – an outstanding achievement.

Perhaps the final course chosen was a gentle build up to today. Originally, Adrian considered leaving Norway and heading South and West around the Shetlands and the Scottish islands, along the West coast of Ireland and round the South West tip of England to reach the Solent. That would be a longer journey but probably his last in Barrabas before she is sold. After looking at all the options, including forecast weather and timings, It was decided that Adrian would take the shorter route into the North Sea and through the Channel to his finish line.

By taking this option, Adrian encountered progressively heavier traffic as he crossed ferry routes and approached the incredibly busy Channel. For most of his 31,000 mile voyage, he had been out of sight of land and rarely saw another ship. Company was the occasional whale, dolphins, flying fish, sea birds, walrus and polar bear – a solitary existence. Today he will be the centre of attention and surrounded by boats and people. It will be a very busy day.

For Expedition Manager and ex-wife Louise, the activity started yesterday with a full schedule of interviews and planning meetings in preparation for today.

Inevitably, this blog will not keep up with the day’s events and so many things are happening, but with the exact order still being finalized.

The Royal Navy have sent a fast patrol vessel out to meet Adrian and to escort him to his moorings at the Royal Southern Yacht Club. The Daily Telegraph is due to publish the first of two articles in the edition today. There is a live interview with BBC radio for the Johnny Walker Show. Other interviews with the press, radio and television and a well deserved celebration of an outstanding achievement.













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