Finding the Limits


The nose of ’21’ just above the water as Craig is lifted aboard one of the LOBMBC Rescue boats. Standard safety drill requires a recovered driver to be placed on a rigid stretcher in case of back and neck injuries for the trip to the St John’s Ambulance vehicle on standby at the clubhouse.

This is a brief breaking news item. We are busy preparing the material to be posted in chronological order, telling the story of Craig Speller, but where a key item of current news breaks before we have taken the story up to that date, we will post a brief note. When we reach the date of the event in the story, we will post a more complete account and more photographs.

This incident occurred during the third evening race of 2007 for the LOBMBC on Oulton Broad, Suffolk, UK. There was heavy overcast with poor light, a brisk NE wind straight off the North Sea, and a sheltered temperature of only 8 C – not the conditions to take a swim.

Craig Speller was searching out the limits of his new hydroplane ’21’ yesterday evening.

In the process, he ran through two troughs created by the two hydroplanes he was overtaking, ’21’ flipped over, throwing Craig out.

Apart from severe bruising and a cracked windshield there was no damage to driver or hydroplane.

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