AGX Position Update


Adrian emailed:

“Good morning – position at 0700 UCT: 54.44 north, 00.05 west. Going well. Winds arrived as expected – now making 5.3 knots nose to target. “

Current forecasts for the next four days are looking good although the North Sea is notorious for its sudden mood changes.

The wind kicked in yesterday a little later than expected but is now as forecast. Under present conditions, Barrabas will be visible from the shore for much of the remaining distance back home to the Solent. Adrian is expected to ‘cut the corner’ as he approaches the Wash to reduce distance and to avoid the sand banks. He may be visible again from the North Norfolk coast and is expected to work close in from Winterton Point, following the shore line in past Caister, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Southwold and Aldeburgh. On this section he will come within a few hundred metres of the shore and Barrabas is highly visible in her unpainted stainless steel construction with the bright red survival dinghy lashed to the foredeck.

For those intending to go out to meet Adrian as he passes, please give him sea room but he will be delighted to see you.

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